Identify & Analyse

  • Analyse the existing skills in students by conducting assessments .

  • Interact with students to understand their perception of math.

  • Identify areas of improvement.

Design & Develop

  • Design workshops to cater to interest and fun quotient for the students.

  • Develop a customized learning plan.

  • Structure workshop activities to correlate math concepts with games.

Play! & Learn

  • A ‘No Textbook’ ideology to kickstart the workshop designed for students acts like a catalyst to introduce math concepts to the students.

  • Engage students through activities/sports.

  • Help students understand the implication of math through a play-way method.

Post Assessment

  • A yardstick to test the skills enhanced during the workshops through case studies.

  • Minimum benchmark of results – 80%.

  • Discussion with the teachers about remedial steps.

Identify & Analyse

  • Conduct meetings with the Dean, HOD and Math faculty to understand current approach.

  • Analyse class results, weaknesses and perceptions of students.

Design & Develop

  • Design the workshop jointly with senior faculty.

  • Identify the key concepts and develop activites accordingly.

  • Develop offline assignments.

  • Scheduling for curriculum completion using this methodology.

Play! & Learn

  • Introduce the benifits of subconscious learning to the faculty.

  • Provide solutions to the faculty to engage with students productively.

  • Introduce the use of technical and soft skills as teaching aids.

  • Recommend innovative teaching techniques for the existing curriculum.


  • Initial handholding during pilot workshops can be planned.

  • Full handover of workshop collaterals and props.

  • Assessment techniques shared.

  • Offline assistance.

Identify & Analyse

  • Discussion with the faculty to help identify the areas of improvement for the students.

  • Analyse students results, interests and perception.

  • Map the curriculum of the institute to the worksheet.

Design & Develop

  • Design interactive worksheets for students.

  • Develop real life case studies with math woven in the core.

  • Explain the faculty the methodology to go about the worksheet.

Conduct & Learn*

  • The faculty will conduct the interactive worksheet with the students as per the process explained by Dinasim.

  • During the pilot stages if required our team will be present on the site to assist the faculty.


  • Our team will assist the worksheets and share the results with the faculty.

  • Dinasim can help to identify next steps or areas of improvement.
We are developing this section soon and shall be offering customized programmes to individual student/group of students. Stay tuned and we shall keep you updated.

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