Today, education is beyond passing examinations and jumping to higher grades. Statistics prove that every four out of ten children, currently in school find it difficult to read simple text fluently or do basic arithmetic sums. This leads to drop outs at a tender age and a very grim situation.

“#Math For All”, a new initiative by‘Dinasim Learning’ aims at bringing changes not only in the amount of knowledge imparted but also generate the ability to think, acquire habits, skills and attitude that characterise a socially accepted individual. The efforts towards shaping a better future towards rising India are based on an objective of transforming lives of children through education.


  • Number of Sessions : 8

  • Duration : 2 months

Module Grades 5–7

  • Ratio

  • Integers

  • Average

  • Decimals

  • Fractions

  • Percentage

  • Mensuration

  • Simple Interest

  • Data Handling (Central values, Bar graphs, Basic Probability)

  • Concepts of geometry

Module Grades 8–10

  • Sets

  • Profit & Loss

  • Interpretation & Graphs

  • Estimation & Approximation

  • Simple & Compound Interest

  • Statistics (advanced)

  • Probability (advanced)

  • Perimeter & area of two dimensional shapes

  • Linear programming


  • Six modules, based on selection will be covered for each individual student.

  • The sponsor could have a weekly update of the student on special request.

  • The sponsor would be allowed to be a part of the ‘Review Session’ conducted post an examination towards the end of the program.

  • Any student as a part of these workshops wouldn’t need coaching or tuitions throughout his/her schooling years. However they are free to return to us for a periodic review / update

  • In view of a limited transition for any student, Dinasim Learning will take charge in holding further workshops in future, helping the student reach his/her potential

As students are vigorously prepared to run the marks race, their tender minds gradually succumb to competitive pressures. While healthy competition is motivational, one should not turn a blind eye to the present damage rendered to a student’s mind. ‘Dinasim Learning’ looks at bridging the gap of the existing education system and developing methods to solve questions rather than memorize solutions. We help students, teachers and parents change their approach towards education.