Innovating the learning environment to ignite minds

The foundation of this innovative teaching aid has been designed such that students enjoy while learning. Further enabling them to look at the subject beyond textbooks and exams.

Established in 2012 with a single-minded strategy to re-approach the crucial but much misunderstood subject of Mathematics, Dinasim Learning is a Mumbai based initiative. To fulfill its objective of getting students to view math from a ‘concept’ point-of-view rather than a mechanical ‘score’ perspective, the firm employs exciting games and activities in its teachings.

Dinasim Learning has developed a strategy that directly approaches students and their teachers, where the tailor made workshops act as crucial value-adds in the existing system of the school. The firm intends to make elements of Math as lifelong lessons to ease the pressure of the students and portray more focus on practical learning.

Certain concepts are best Instilled and absorbed by a subconscious mind. Keeping this scientific approach as a base, we have developed an Outcome Base Education Experience.

At Dinasim every concept has been mapped to unconventional games and activities which may not have any direct implication with mathematics. While most of us are aware that we have something called a subconscious mind within us, we have used this subconscious mind to correlate concepts amongst students by playing games and activities.

A subconscious mind will act upon any request or instruction you give it. Any thought that is repeated over and over again will take an imprint within the subconscious mind, leading to which we have developed an OBE Experience through our tailor made programmes which are crafted for every Educational institution we associate with.

Such games have shown a proven record of not only enhancing their skills but also helps in generating interest towards the subject and bridging the gap in the existing system.

Divesh hails from Mumbai with a Graduate degree from HR College; followed by masters from University of Westminster, London on Full Scholarship. After brief stints in the financial space, Dinasim Learning was formed in 2012.

For a firm that combines learning with fun, it is only natural for its leading light to be someone who is passionate about both. Backed by multi-cultural experiences and vision to make math fun, he serves to be the perfect kick starter behind Dinasim Learning. His natural aptitude of tutoring and guiding students backed by an awareness of western culture trends makes him an engaging personality for students and teachers.